why a realistic business evaluation is critical

A Business Valuation is more than a curiosity. It is one of the most important steps a business owner can take.  Knowing the value of your business and how it compares to other allows you to determine untapped potential. It’s like knowing where you are on a map.  A map is not much value if you don’t know your present position on it.

“Business Valuation is the best investment and risk management process and without it you are flying blind.  It’s a metric you must have.”  Warren Buffet.

what a business owner will learn from a valuation

  • If you can retire with the value of your business in combination with other assets.
  • A Valuation will allow you to determine best way to increase values and what to work on first.
  • You will be able to compare yourself against other industry players; are you near the top or bottom?
  • A valuation will help you secure financing and pursue growth initiatives.
  • With a formal valuation, an estimate of any Capital Gains Tax liability  is easy. This provides an opportunity for a deeper discussion about the best structure going forward.
  • Information from a Valuation can help you determine if you have the proper risk management tools in place, like Property & Casualty coverage, key person insurance for integral players, etc.
  • Parts of a Valuation can help you design and think out a meaningful compensation package for key executive and management.

find out what YOUR BUSINESS is WORTh with BizEquity

Our valuation tool, BizEquity,  is the world's largest provider of business valuations, having valued 33,180,589 companies globally. Strategic Succession is the exclusive partner in British Columbia. Discover, monitor and optimize the value of your business.

“Valuing a Business just before you decide to sell, is like planning a retirement the day before you decide to retire.” John Robinson, Strategic Succession

Have questions? Need help finding answers? Contact John for answers or a valuation for your business.