1. What’s your business worth?

Business Valuation Tool - BizEquity

The value of your business determines your future. Our valuation tool, BizEquity,  is the world's largest provider of business valuations, having valued 33,180,589 companies globally. Strategic Succession is the exclusive partner in British Columbia.

Check out the BizEquity Tool.

2. getting organized

Central Documents registry

The Central Documents Registry (CDR) is a secure cloud-based data room that our clients own. It's a fundamental part of our Discovery Process that creates an incredibly powerful and efficient organization tool. This will save the owner time dealing with other collaborators working on their file, reducing the cost of  valuation and value acceleration activity.

Learn more about the Central Documents Registry

 3. Are you ready to exit?

Exit Readiness Appraisal

This process provides insights of everything from your contingency plans, company history, intellectual property, patents, equipment depreciation, sales & marketing, operational structure, environmental, safety, to taxes and contracts. You name it; A to Z, we leave no rock unturned. This is pre-due diligence;  because we ask the same questions a potential purchaser might ask, you're ready when the time comes. Interested in knowing more?

4. What is your next act?

Our Platinum Years tools are a set of interactive exercises to guide you to a purpose-filled life. You aren’t  simply moving away from your business, but rather, leaning towards a new chapter of realization and achievement.

5. Case studies

Take a look at our Case Studies. Each provides a view into the challenges, processes and results owners have achieved.

For business owners who need help to plan their next direction – whether re-organization, succession or sale planning, John has developed a process to ask the hard questions that will enable them to develop a strategy , get organized and improve their business prior to any arrangement being made.
— Arthur Klein CBI M&A Advisor Pacific M&A and Business Brokers Ltd.