The Central Documents Registry (CDR) is a cloud-based data room that our clients own and which we set up and help them manage. It's a fundamental part of our process that creates an incredibly powerful and efficient organization tool.

From the Client's VIEWPOINT

  • Ease of administration and control
  • Our clients are relieved to have this level of organization set in place for them
  • They save a substantial amount of time in dealing with other collaborators working on their file. This reduces their cost of other professional services
  • Never had other advisors do this level of wholistic investigation


  • Pre-Due Diligence to quickly access areas of risk
  • We see everything in one place at the same time
  • We can quickly identify what is missing, problem areas that need attention
  • We are alerted to where there are conflicts in documents
  • Allows us to quickly poll second opinion from other Advisor specialists

FROM other advisors' VIEWPOINTS

  • We remove the paper chase - one of the most inefficient and unproductive activities of their process
  • Collaborators familiar with Value Enhancement and transaction-readiness work in a way that is more cost and time efficient