As the Summer draws to a close it reminds me of that Country & Western song by Hank Snow “I’ve been everywhere; Man, I’ve been here and there . . . ”

In the space of 8 weeks, we kayaked in ‘The Broken Group’, saw an archeological dig, mountain biked at Whistler, rode the Kettle Valley Railway trail, hiked around the Shuswap Lakes, fished Shearwater when the peak Chinook runs came in and raced thru the Aaron Rapids at maximum tide exchange!  June and I are so lucky to live in ‘Super Natural British Columbia’.

We also did some work over the summer.  I had the pleasure of attending the Business Exit Institute (BEI) National Conference in Denver with Vancouver alliance partners Keith Brown of Financial Confidence and Dan Effa, CPA, of Effa Consulting.  Over the two days of seminars and engaging with their strong pool of talent in EPI’s membership, we were exposed to the easiest way to create “Value Acceleration” for our business owners.  We had the pleasure to share with industry greats like author Bo Burlingham (“Finish Big”) and Bill Black (“Exit Coach Radio”) and many others.

GAME CHANGER: Knowledge is Power. One of the biggest issues small to medium enterprises (SME) have is knowing the true value of their business, usually on their larger assets, and this chasm creates problems and lost opportunities.  Valuation has always seemed like a dark art.  The first question owners usually are asked by a formal valuators is….“Why do I need a valuation???”  In other words, “How much supporting paper (evidence) will we have to amass to prove our position/valuation to the CRA, a disgruntled business partner, a prospective buyer or possibly an estranged spouse in litigation?”

At Strategic Succession, we have the resources and know-how to help you get on track to make decisions for your future.

Owners are often too busy running the business with not enough time, resources or know-how to evaluate the factual worth of their operation.  Often emotional ties to the business obscure an honest evaluation. A Business Valuation is important, essential and now affordable if you are considering retirement, passing it along to a family member, selling the business or a possible merger. Start with our free valuation tool here.

Stay Tuned: Fall Events

October 2016: We will be sponsoring a Strategic Alliance Show & Tell Forum . . . watch for your invitation and notice.

November 2016: Strategic Succession will underwrite the first Business Owners’ Forum of Presidents of SME