We spotted this article offering some thoughts to help business owners get started with an exit plan published by the co-founder of Divestopedia, also an M&A specialist. The main idea is to figure out what you want as your end game, whether that is next year or 10 years from now. We like his three key steps; they align with our 3-step process and the recommendations we make to our clients.

  1. Establish Your Exit Objectives: what do you want to do after you sell, how much money do you need and what does an ideal transaction look like? The process of exit readiness can be clearer and easier with expert advice from someone who has helped dozens of owners exit successfully, on their terms.
  2. Tell a Trusted Advisor: get the help you need from an expert who can help you see the options and how to get there. The Trusted Advisor Network, started by John Robinson is a collaboration of best-in-class professional advisors. Through the Network it’s easy to access to the advice you need.
  3. Get a Valuation: have a baseline by establishing the current value of your business and how it compares to similar companies. This critical piece of information gives you a reality check; is your business value optimized?

Read John Carvalho’s article on Divestopedia here

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