John shares his tips for a successful exit

When the time comes to exit, the transition to sale or succession is more likely to be structured the way the owner wants because of pre-due diligence. Business owners who delay doing pre-due diligence risk not having the time to achieve the maximum value of their business and, therefore, also risk leaving money on the table.

The pre-due diligence process takes time and costs money, yes. But it is a smart and profitable first step towards a successful outcome for an eventual exit. Read John’s article on Divestopedia here.

This first phase, pre-due diligence results in three key benefits:

  1. A deeper insight into the business;
  2. Time to fix broken business drivers which, in turn, will add value to the business;
  3. De-risking the business and therefore the owner’s life. 

Read more about John’s approach to strategic succession and how it benefits business owners.

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