Get an accurate picture of your options well before you are selling your business.

The Discovery Process in our Value Enhancement Framework is the first step towards increasing the value of your business. Discovery provides business owners with the insight they need for better decision-making about their personal finances and business succession planning.


The Discovery Process delivers insight & direction:

  • Business and personal goals, identified and prioritized, in a clearly written action plan
  • How to  minimize taxes with structural changes to the business
  • The value of their Company  and how it compares to similar companies
  • If can  they exit early, or is there a gap between assets and desired outcome
  • What Value Drivers need fixing and the easiest direction to increase value

“John has helped our family with complex succession planning and re-organization that will allow us to save taxes and transition the business more efficiently in the future.”

Peter Mitchell, President of Adrenalin Marine Ltd.

What Clients Told Us They Received From the Discovery Process

The benefits of going through the Discovery Process with a trusted financial advisor are many and personal. Over the years our clients have shared with us their key take-aways from the process. They commonly include relief, clarity, understanding and insight.  Here is some of the feedback from our business owner clients:

  • Organization and cataloguing of all my personal and business agreements, documents, records and tax files.
  • Clear understanding where any document conflict exists and what is missing.
  • Understanding the value of my business and which valuation method would be most appropriate for me.
  • Insight into possible uses of debt vs. restructure capital to accelerate growth.
  • Tools to develop a SWOT analysis (both personal and corporate).
  • Ability to create a succession exit plan and sequence the timing.
  • Lucid ability to develop a corporate structure to minimize tax on future transaction and maximize current cash flow.
  • Benchmark your company against the same industry in both Canada and USA.
  • Clarity on my personal net worth and what is available to create a revenue stream and retirement income.
  • Ability to develop a retirement projection and start to craft a plan.
  • Explanation of a comparison of your internal value drivers and how to accelerate the value of your business quickest, i.e., go for the low hanging fruit.
  • Implement a contingency plan, i.e. your own company fire drill.
  • Ability to assess of your own internal exit readiness and awareness of any roadblocks moving forward.
  • Clarity; a plan + your timing.
  • Access to “Trusted Advisor™ Network” of succession exit planning trained and the best in class transaction specialist advisors in the marketplace.

“John provides business owners financial planning and other related advice.  He has served my family for many years and  I believe him to be smart and caring.”

Paul Cosulich, SIL Industries Ltd.

Developing a strategic succession exit plan will provide security and peace of mind. You’ll be getting your business sale ready with its value maximized. You’ll know exactly what you have and where you are headed to enjoy your next adventure of life… retirement or ???

“John really cares. He takes an active interest in the owner’s business and sees what is needed to get a business ready to sell.  His contacts & network of other professionals can help business owners get the advice they need. He is respectful, well organized and a good source of information for owners and other advisors.”

Paul Gaster, President of Paul Guerin Estate Services Ltd (PGESL)

Set up a no-obligation 30-minute call with John to discuss how the Discovery Process can lead you to a more strategic succession plan.

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