Collaboration is synergistic yielding more than 100%.

 Like most industries today, CPA firms have challenges that are and will continue to impact their practice. In our work with mid-size and smaller firms, we are seeing and hearing this from firm leaders:

  • Technology is disrupting the usual course of business

  • Talent is scarce

  • Services are being commoditized

  • Challenge to stay current

  • Data security issues

  • Difficulty attracting new clients

How outside strategic alliances can add to your team and help deal with revenue-generating challenges:

CPA’s working with business owners have an opportunity to shift their business from one of compliance to business consultant. We hear from our business owner clients that they want more from their accountant. They want more forward-looking, higher-value advice as opposed to only audit and tax filing. The large regional and national firms are already doing this. For local, mid-sized CPA firms, building alliances with complementary business advisors is a way to build bench strength while retaining control of the client. Instead of referring business away, partnering can provide a way to add new revenue streams without adding team members and staying “in the know”.

Opportunity for your CPA firm in 3 areas:

1.    Offer a business valuation for your client that delivers valuable information beyond a simple dollar value.

  • Your client receives a report outlining how they compare to industry peers and competitors both in value and individual KPIs so they can learn how to improve their business to maximize its value.

  • The process of preparing for a valuation provides your firm with deeper insight into your client’s business, as well as other advice opportunities.

2.    Provide an “insurance audit.” Are their business and family adequately protected? What happens to the business if their health/circumstances change and they can no longer “lead the charge?”

  •  Clarification of goals – current and future.

  • Your client receives a recommendation on which insurance tools are best suited for their situation, saving them money, or providing better risk management coverage.

  • Ability to create tax-free income and become paid up before retirement.

 3.    Provide analysis and a plan to reduce taxes. If your small business owner client has retained earnings or income from real estate or other investment classes, they may be paying too much tax with the introduction of the passive income rules.

  • The solution may lower the passive income inside the corporation, reducing tax and safeguarding wealth.

How we can help:

Together, we can collaborate to deliver these added-value services that will deepen your client relationships and create new revenue streams for your firm. 

1.    Leverage our business valuation report service.

2.    Utilize our expert team for an insurance audit.

3.    Make use of our highly specialized wealth strategy expertise.

After decades of working with business owners to protect their families and businesses through business value enhancement, exit planning, and insurance we have unique and valuable experience we are happy to share with you, your team and your clients. Our Partner Platform allows you to access our tools and expertise. To get started, we meet and determine if our firms’ expertise and client profile are complementary. Then, we discuss a hypothetical (or real) client’s situation. We share our approach and ways that will benefit your client and your firm.


Collaboration and teamwork result in synergy, which yield value add services, higher client satisfaction, and enhanced revenue stream. Witness MNP’s industry-leading Revenue Growth over the last 5 years of 70%. as reported by BIV in their Top Accounting Firms List (BIV Issue 1547/1548)


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