business owners are our focus

 With the best expertise and tools available from our Trusted Advisor™ Network, business owners can see their options for the future and get the information they need to make financially sound decisions.

business owners: we're your quarterback

John Robinson, acts as the quarterback, and as, part of the team of advisors. Our network is a collaboration of best-in-class professional advisors familiar with Value Acceleration Methodology and trained in the steps for Exit Planning. Because most of the advisors have worked together for years on similar engagements, they act as a seamless team for the business owner. 

  • John Robinson leads the network coordination, recommending team players to owners, collecting and providing the necessary documentation. Every document for due diligence and analysis is stored in a secure Central Document Registry, saving time and money for business owners and advisors.

  • Strategic Succession deliver Business Value Enhancement and Succession Planning advice.

John really cares. He takes an active interest in the owner’s business and sees what is needed to get a business ready to sell. His contacts & network of other professionals can help business owners get the advice they need. He is respectful, well organized and a good source of information for owners and other advisors.
— Paul Gaster, President of Paul Guerin Estate Services Ltd (PGESL)


The Trusted Advisor™ Network is simply a network of professionals built on trust. Achieving the client’s goal is our overriding principle. John Robinson has built a trusted network where referrals  are a privilege  and respect for the  client is of paramount importance. John,  through his firm, Strategic Succession, appreciates the transfer of trust from one advisor to another.

Strategic Succession offers fellow advisors working on a client file access to a secure Central Documents Registry. This saves time chasing key documents and enhances collaboration on client files.

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Having worked with John Robinson for over a decade, I can confidently say that he puts the needs of his clients first, and has provided some of my clients with expert advice.
— Donald Chu, CEBS BenefitDeck Consulting Ltd.

Here is what advisors can expect when referring a client

  • We will proceed at your client’s pace not ours

  • An understanding that a reciprocal referral happens when it is a right fit for the client

  • When engagement begins we will inform you of the scope of work

  • Our standard process is to report back on progress on a timely basis

  • Your client can expect: experience, trustworthiness and team work. And, exceptional engaged and deep listening skills

  • Your client crosses the finish line with a plan that is right for them

Collaboration multiplies the strength of those working together and minimizes their weakness. 1+ 1 = multiples
— John Robinson

Find out how John can help your client build value in their business and have a plan for a successful succession.