The value enhancement framework

Get an accurate picture of your personal and business options in three steps

1. discover

At the end of the Discover process the business owner will clearly know:

  • Business and personal goals, identified and prioritized, in a clearly written action plan
  • How to  minimize taxes with structural changes to the business
  • The value of their Company  and how it compares to similar companies
  • If can  they exit early, or is there a gap between assets and desired outcome
  • What Value Drivers need fixing and the easiest direction to increase value

2. strengthen

In this process, Strengthen is about getting the business ready to sell. Even if you aren’t ready to sell now, the process makes your business more valuable.

At the end of the Prepare/Strengthen stage the business owner will have:

  • Guidance to ensure that due diligence and best practices are followed
  • Implemented the action plan identified in the Discover Step
  • Taken steps to add value to their business
  • De-risked through business and personal financial planning
  • Increased the value of their business and net worth
  • A decision: to continue growing or exit

3. your plan, your way.

You’ve increased the value of your business, de-risked your life and understand your choices.  Sell,  initiate a transition plan  or continue to build value in the business. The choice is yours.