knowing your options means a better outcome



Central Document Registry

  • We start with a pre-due diligence process, “Central Document Registry” [CDR], where we develop a cloud-based file (the client owns)
  • Each entity (OpCO, HoldCO, Personal has its own file room)
  • The client can then grant access to any or all rooms to other advisor specialists when collaborating
  • This hyper organization tool allows us to see all documents at a glance, what is missing, where conflicts exist, what areas need attention
  • From the client and other collaboration advisors, it saves money and time
  • See more on the Central Document Registry

Business Valuation

  • Determine current Enterprise Value
  • Because we already have all necessary documents in hand in the Central Document Registry, it is easy and efficient to do a valuation
  • We use software tool aids like “BizEquity” to give the client a range of values and comparative metric to assess themselves against other similar firms in the same industry
  • For the most part, clients are not ready or willing to sell at this time.  It helps them to know where they are starting from and determine if they have a financial gap for retirement
  • Personal Assets + Biz Value = Cash for Retirement
  • It offers a reference point to grow from

Business Value Drivers Assessment

Understand the value drivers in the business. Determine which are broken. Identify where the low hanging fruit is to increasing value. Core Value Metrics is an assessment tool which asks 85 to 125 questions to help the business owner determine areas needing attention that will increase the value of their enterprise.

Exit Readiness Appraisal

What's in it for the business owner? Having business affairs in order means business owners are in a great position to sell, when the deal and timing is right for them.

Business owners who have a real analysis of everything from contingency plans, company history, intellectual property, patents, equipment depreciation, sales & marketing, operational structure, environmental, safety, to taxes and contracts can ensure their documentation is in order and ready for a purchaser review. This deep look ‘under the hood’ is similar to what a potential purchaser might look at.

Fascinating for business owners is an exploration of their attachment to their business that will show their exit readiness.  We want to ensure that the owners themselves are clear on their exit and the process of moving on to their ‘next great chapter’.  Frequently we find them unwilling to move on.  We have a solution and the tools to help them understand they are moving towards something versus moving away from something.


The Discovery phase delivered the information needed to determine options. Of course, every business  and owner are different, and so the action plan to build value is based on individual goals and desired exit outcomes. The work done in the  Prepare/ Strengthen stage will result in these insights:

  • Clear understanding of the owner’s net worth without the business
  • A business value range based on transaction type
  • Estimate of income tax liability in the event of a sale or death
  • Determine a more flexible structure to mitigate tax and facilitate easy transaction readiness
  • Understanding of what you need to retire
  • Determine if you have a value gap between your assets and retirement needs
  • Identify strong and weak business value drivers
  • Easiest way to increase your business value
  • Organized landscape of all personal and corporate documentation to be shared in Cloud Form (CDR)
  • Appraisal on your own internal state of personal exit readiness and solutions
  • List of top 6 ways to de-risk your business

your plan. your life.

You’ve increased the value of your business, de-risked your life and understand your choices.  Sell,  initiate a transition plan  or continue to build value in the business. The choice is yours.